Consent Choice and Control

Consentua™ builds trust. Giving users choice and control over their personal data. Enabling a more trusted and transparent relationship between the customer and the service provider.

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Binary Consent

A binary consent is the classic yes/no option.

Great for simple consent requests, with a single type of personal data and a single purpose.

For example. Please can I use your email address to send you marketing information?

Linear Consent

A linear consent service is where a consent request is built up over a number of layers.

Represented in Consentua by our ‘slider’. The more personal data willing to be shared, the better the experience provided.

For example, level 1 is a simple request for a minimal amount of personal data in return for a simple service offering.

Moving through to level 5 provides a richer service experience facilitated by a greater amount of personal data being shared.

Levels 2 to 4 vary in their service quality for data exchange. Consentua does not dictate the levels of consent interchange, that is up to you.

Builds User Trust

Users want transparency and honesty in what will happen with their personal data. Consentua provides a vehicle for this transparency to be demonstrated for the Trust to be established.

Consentua will help organisations with the following aspects of GDPR:

  • Article 7: Clear understandable notice
  • Article 6, 53 : Capture & log user consent
  • Article 15: Users have ability to see what data is being used
  • Article 17: Users can revoke consent

Secure Lightweight Consent API

The API is encrypted, hashed and requires a specific access token per instance of the API. Only with the right access token assigned to the specific customer API will access to the Consentua registry be granted. The API payload is measured in bytes! Fast and efficient processing.

Consentua is based on the Kantara Initiatives Consent Receipt

Checkout out the API reference

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