Earn customer trust
with Consentua

A Universal Consent Management System that's simple, compliant, and adds value to your business

Comply with the law and streamline your data handling with our enterprise class Consent Management System.

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Go beyond what's required

Our platform surpasses GDPR requirements and exceeds what your customers expect to find in a digital marketplace.

  • Give customers control to create lasting trusted relationships
  • Meet and exceed GDPR and ePrivacy rules
  • Use consent as a business advantage

Deploy Consentua as your “consent layer”, on-premises or in the cloud


Capture consent throughout the customer journey as you need it.

You can use our existing interactions out of the box, or use our SDK to create new ones.


You and your customers will be able to control data processing in real-time.

You'll also be able to tie Consentua’s data to your own operations software using our robust API.


You'll know how, why and where consent was collected.

Prove your compliance internally and externally, and identify where your practices could be improved.

Managed consent gives you powerful benefits

Conversion & retention

No need to front-load; now you can ask for consent once you and your customers are ready: in context, and on demand.

Build respectful long-term customer relationships, based on trust and individual control.

Use consent signals to qualify leads and identify your most engaged customers.

GDPR & eprivacy compliance

Quickly deploy interactions that collect purpose-based consent in the way that the GDPR intended.

Tie data processing to consent in real-time to react quickly as consent changes.

Demonstrate when, and how, you’ve obtained consent - internally, and externally.

Business analytics

Consent is a powerful indicator of customer engagement and goodwill, as well as a key ingredient in data-driven business processes.

Consentua’s centralised consent records provide valuable analytical insight into the state of your data-driven marketing and business processes.

Don't just take our word for it

Consentua is already a trusted supplier to many different organisations.

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Consentua is available through a range of trusted partners, who can provide the knowledge and skills to get you set up. Whether you’re an enterprise customer looking for an on-premises deployment, or an SME looking for a cloud solution, we’ll find the perfect partner for you.

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Interested in bringing Consentua to your own clients? Our sales and deployment partners are essential to our business. If you think Consentua is right for your customers, you want to build integrations with other products, or want to bring consent-as-a-service to a new vertical then please get in touch.

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