Consentua joins the Kantara Initiative

This month saw Consentua Creators, KnowNow Information, join the Kantara Initiative.

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For over a year now the team at Consentua have been active participants in the evolution of the Consent Receipt specification. As an early adopter of the specification, our team admired the work that Kantara perform in the wider identity and privacy space.

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We should care about consent receipts because they are a very important foundation for a new discipline called Consent Management. This is new to the world of digital technology, as it consists of a mix of marketing, compliance, data lifecycle management, and business operations.

Where consent is the legal basis for processing personal data, being transparent and giving people appropriate controls is essential to complying with the law. The use of consent receipts, building trust with the customer, are an integral part of providing that transparency and control.

Consent receipts give the owner clear notice as to what a user has agreed that their personal data may be used for. Once consent has been established, the consent receipt provides a representation of the data subject’s intent that can be stored, shared and queried.

The clarity and control provided by consent receipts opens up possibilities for awesome new digital services that make use of personal data, but at the same time respect the wishes and autonomy of data subjects.


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Enabling and accelerating the interchange of personal data to realise new value requires barriers to be dismantled. Embracing interoperability - of the kind that consent receipts provide - will prevent barriers being erected and help stop rejection of third-party receipts because they ‘were not made here’.

An early co-leadership responsibility that Consentua will therefore take, along with, is developing interoperability of the consent receipt specification.

In the age of data portability and with customers demanding seamless machine driven exchanges of data, having an interoperable consent receipt will aid the user experience and increase the likelihood of industry-wide adoption.

Colin Wallis, executive director of the Kantara Initiative stated: Consentua has always been part of the Kantara family. It’s just that it finally got round to making it formal. And for that, we are very happy!

Kantara Initiative

The Consentua team is looking forward to working even more closely with the Kantara community to help evolve and collaborate on the foundation of consent management, the Consent Receipt!

Consent Hub from Consentua

As business becomes more aware of the challenges they face with implementing GDPR the noise in the market place about consent is gaining pace. This is great for us at Consentua as we provide an awesome consent management service.
Consent management is creating a new data set. One that is not actually owned by the business but is owned and managed by their customer. This dataset is the consent receipt. Yet, the business needs to access this consent receipt to check they are allowed to do what they want with regard to a customers personal data.

A New Requirement is born

What is rapidly discovered is that multiple parties internal and sometimes externally all want to have access to this consent receipt. Now, the customer tends to have only one or two access points into an organisation (e.g. via an app or direct in store). However, the business needs many systems to deliver the smile the customer demands. All these systems use personal data. They will want to use the consent receipt the customer generates.

In the era of RESTful services and API’s the concept of sharing a common resource is easy to facilitate. Which means that the business can confidently state they require a ‘Consent Hub’, knowing the market will respond. This ‘consent hub’ will act as a common place for consent receipts and manage the access to the consent receipt from requesting parties/systems.

I will admit we did not consider Consentua as a consent hub when we created the first version back in 2016. However, the capability of Consentua as a consent hub has been in place from day one.

Consentua is a Consent Hub.

This is because the owner of the client consent service (the business requesting a customers consent), can allow any party to access the service to query their consent receipts.

Consentua, can manage via its admin dashboard the consent requests and consent services the business is using. Full control and flexibility of the consent service is at the clients control.

Supporting multi-language, multi-jurisdiction, multi-purposes and different consent scenarios (e.g. employees versus customers consent) all under a single consent management view.

If the requirement outlined above resonates then please get in touch at [email protected] The Consentua team would be happy to demo Consentua and show how your business can have its own consent hub.