Consentua withdraws from the IAB framework

London, UK. 25th June 2019. The makers of Consentua, the world leading consent management platform have decided not to renew their subscription to the International Advertising Bureau on July 1st 2019, as they feel the ethos of the IAB consent framework cannot be reconciled with the aims of the Consentua produc - Making it easy to do the right thing, by helping data controllers to be trustworthy and supporting individuals to have choice and control.

Richard Gomer, Consentua, Product Director said, “At the heart of our consent and preference management platform are the key principles of trust, control, and regulatory compliance. We make it easier for data controllers to process data Lawfully, Fairly and Transparently, and we give choice and control to data subjects. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recently confirmed that the $200bn ad tech industry buy and sell adverts in real time auctions in a way that is illegal, and contrary to what we believe is sustainable, responsible, or ethical.”

The decision to not renew has been made easier by the ICO’s finding that the AdTech industry’s current use of personal data is not legal.

Chris Cooper, Consentua, Chief Technology Officer further added, “The saving grace, is our platform has been designed to be seamlessly deployed and integrated in to any website or mobile app and has never been constrained to the IAB’s view of the world. We think that consent is just one element of many that goes in to delivering positive and trustworthy customer experiences. For that reason and to prepare for the future, we embrace and contribute to emerging standards, like the Kantara Initiative Consent Receipt Specification.

Standards are important, as they ensure you strive for excellence and embed interoperability into your design thinking. So, whilst we leave the IAB TCF, we are still standards compliant as we adopt fully the Kantara Consent Receipt Specification.”

About Consentua

Consentua is the world leading consent management platform - making it easy to do the right thing, helping data controllers to be trustworthy and supporting individuals to have choice and control.

Partially funded by InnovateUK, Consentua is part of the KnowNow Information product portfolio and was conceptualised back in 2015 as part of the Cognicity Challenge - Canary Wharf Group’s Smart City Accelerator. The smart city app caught the audience’s imagination by giving people choice and control over the sharing of their personal data.


David Patterson

Founder of Consentua and parent company KnowNow Information. Creator of twin boys.

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