Consent Receipt Demo at Mydata

Logo for MyData 2019 event where the Consent Receipt Demo was shown

Helsinki, 27th Sept 2019

Last week, Consentua was again part of the Kantara Consent Receipt demo, this time at MyData in Helsinki where the first interoperability demonstration took place last year.

Building on functionality that we’ve rolled out across our platform, the demo shows how third-party tools - like web browsers and data management platforms - can consume consent receipts from Consentua to give data subjects unrivalled control over their personal data.

Dr Richard Gomer, product director for Consentua, said “Consentua was one of the first platforms to adopt the Kantara Consent Receipt format, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of giving people control over their personal data and helping our customers put an end the bad consent practices that destroy brand trust and undermine our digital rights.”

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