Why GDPR is good for the business of consent

Thing is, now with GDPR with us, more and more organisations are realising that the sticking plasters now need a more permanent fix. Aligned with a regulatory need to have consent is a fundamental business need to.

Driven by two factors. Firstly customers are demanding more control over who gets to process their personal data. Secondly, customers are demanding more personalisation and value from brands they trust.

Let us check that Consentua and GDPR are compatible.

GDPR and Consentua

There are 7 principles to GDPR that any consent management platform needs to take into account.

The GDPR sets out seven key principles:

Lawfulness, fairness and transparency.
Consentua clearly sets out in a transparent nature and articulates the service provided for the exchange of personal data
Purpose limitation.
Purposes are central to what Consentua describes and captures the consent of.
Data minimisation.
No personal data is ever processed by Consentua. Thus minimising data processed.
Consentua records and timestamps what purpose has been consented to and when this consent was granted.
Storage limitation.
Only the consent identifier and purpose details are recorded. No personal data is processed by Consentua
Integrity and confidentiality (security)
Secure access to the Consentua dashboard. Only assigned admins can view their organisation's consent services.
No personal data stored in Consentua, so it is not possible for Consentua to link a known individual to a consent record.
Each consent service is unique to a client.
Each consent receipt is unique to a customer/user.

Looks like a resounding yes. GDPR and Consentua are good together.

Choice and Control

Business is having to deal with what are actually common objectives and requirements when it comes to consent. The first, partly due to GDPR having given the consumer/customer/citizen some teeth, they are now demanding more control over their personal data.

The second is the business/brand wants to differentiate and offer customers that control. This user delegated control breeds or reinforces trust in the brand.

Consumers want to trust brands. So anything that leads to both control, choice and trust will be embraced. This embracing leads to more business.

Chris Cooper

Co-creator of Consentua our new GDPR consent service. Principal of KnowNowCities SmartCities experts. Chief innovator & co-founder of KnowNow Information.

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