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The consent hubbub

Creating a new dataset

Consent management is creating a new dataset. One that is not actually owned by the business but is instead owned and managed by their customer. From a Consentua perspective, this dataset is the consent receipt, based on a standard from Kantara.

The consent receipt records the permissions you have to use personal data. It contains the consent decision and the purpose for which the consent will be used.

A new requirement is born

The consent receipt is shareable and interoperable. Often, many different parties, both internal and external will want to have access to this consent receipt.

A customer tends to have only one or two points of access into an organisation (e.g. via an app or direct in store). However, the business needs many systems to deliver the smile the customer demands. All these systems use personal data. They will want to use this single golden record of consent.

In the era of RESTful services and API’s the concept of sharing a common resource is easy to facilitate. Thus the ‘consent hub’ is born. It acts as a common place for consent receipts and manages access to it from requesting systems.

We didn’t consider Consentua a consent hub when we created the first version back in 2016. However, the capability of Consentua as a consent hub has been in place from day one. This is because the business owner of the client consent service can allow any party to query their consent receipts.

Using webhooks and notifications it is possible to create automated triggers and workflows. So when a customer changes their consent, the record is seamlessly updated elsewhere.

Consentua users manage the consent services the business is using, such as consent requests, via an admin dashboard. Full control and flexibility of the consent service are at the client’s control.

You can manage language, jurisdiction and purpose definition under a single consent management view. You can also create different scenarios such as employee consent or customer consent.

Designed for the enterprise but flexible and lightweight enough for any deployment. Consentua has users all around the world. To learn more contact me at [email protected]

Chris Cooper

Co-creator of Consentua our new GDPR consent service. Principal of KnowNowCities SmartCities experts. Chief innovator & co-founder of KnowNow Information.

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