Capybara - latest Consentua release

Capybara is a release that has been months in the making and is a result of some great feedback from our users. We have been listening! This release includes: improvements in our support for templates in multiple languages, and better reporting on how much of your subscription quota is remaining.

Dr Gomer in the lead

This is the first release to have been overseen from start to finish by Richard, our new Director of Consentua, and it contains some features that move Consentua even closer to being the fully-fledged consent management infrastructure of the future.

“This is the first time that Consentua can be considered a piece of the global digital infrastructure. Handling consent in a trusted manner for us all.” Dr. Richard Gomer

Realising an Ambition

From the beginning, we’ve seen Consentua as a general purpose consent management infrastructure and that means keeping an eye on the future as well as immediate priorities.

Chief among these new features is better support for custom consent interactions, the ability for our customers to create new and innovative interfaces for capturing consent but still providing strong auditability.

Being able to capture consent through different interfaces not only provides awesome new flexibility on web and mobile, it also means that Consentua is ready to support “next generation” technology like personal consent agents and IoT applications. Our research partners, like Adaptant, are already planning to leverage these new capabilities!

Capybara now supports the Kantara Consent Receipt specification, and generates a standards-compliant receipt for every single consent that’s collected. Consentua has been a fan of the CR specification since its inception, and we’re excited to see how it can support greater transparency and control over people’s personal data. Consent Receipt interoperability, including Consentua’s implementation, was demonstrated at the MyData Conference in Helsinki, in collaboration with colleagues from across the Consent Receipt working group.

Improving the WebSDK

We’ve also spent some time improving our WebSDK in response to customer feedback. It’s faster than ever before, and under the hood we’ve refactored it to make it easier for developers to build upon and extend both on the Web and in server-side technologies like Node.js.

Finally, to find out what the next set of Consentua releases have in-store, you can visit our public roadmap on Trello.

Chris Cooper

Co-creator of Consentua our new GDPR consent service. Principal of KnowNowCities SmartCities experts. Chief innovator & co-founder of KnowNow Information.

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