CONSENTUA captures the consent from a user via a unique user interface. Which provides the proof statement for the data controller/processor to have access to the users personal data. Consentua makes the settings the user has saved on their screen into a concept receipt that can then be shared and acted upon by requesting systems. The view also allows the user to see what personal data sharing they have consented/agreed to.

This then allows an organisation to query what consents have been granted by what set of users. Which is a great report for marketing. The same data can also, can be used for notification of breach (i.e. we know these users have consented for us to have XYZ data from them; ergo if a breach is identified we can assume that this data has been potentially impacted by that breach).

Common user identifier (e.g. email/GUID) that your system identifies the user as. Consentua will inherit that identifier too.

Ability to access an external API (unless licensed in which case it is installed on premise).