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Consentua, choice and control

Who are we

Consentua originates from the 2015 Cognicity Challenge, Canary Wharf Group's Smart City Accelerator. Our parent company KnowNow Information were invited participants and although not winners of their section, one element of their smart city app, the TRUST API, caught the audiences imagination.

The API enabled you as a citizen to have choice and control over the personal data you wished to share. The organisation requesting your personal data did so in a transparent and trustful way. As per the General Data Protection Regulation.

After two years of development and a re-name to Consentua, along with the successful soft launch at Vivatech Paris in 2017, Consentua is now on general release.

KnowNow Information is an award winning digital innovation company, specialising in finding those ‘eureka’ moments, delivering new products and services for our customers and ourselves.


29-31 Aug

Helsinki Finland