Consentua is a consent management tool that helps organisations to achieve data protection compliance, and gives individuals choice and control over how their personal data is used.

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What is Consentua?

Consentua is a consent management platform. It gives individuals choice and control over how their personal data is used, helps organisations to achieve and demonstrate data protection compliance, and builds trust between service providers and their customers.

Organisations deploy Consentua within their own applications via some easy to use APIs to capture the consent of their own users. Individuals use Consentua enabled mobile apps to manage the consents they have given.

The laws around consent are changing. Consentua gives organisations the ability to keep ahead of these changes and provide a fully auditable history of their personal data consent transactions.

Consentua Features

Secure & Lightweight API

The API is encrypted, hashed and requires a specific access token per instance of the API. Only with the right access token assigned to the specific customer API will access to the Consentua registry be granted. The API payload is measured in bytes! Fast and efficient processing.

Quick to Install

Your developers and system administrators can be up and running with a version of Consentua installed in minutes. Firstly identify the data to be consented to. Then set up the Consentua widget in your app’s. Release to users and you are live on Consentua!

Any Language

Consentua inherits the language setting on the browser or the mobile device. As long as a translation for that consent service is available, the API will provide the right language for that user.

Standards Based

Consentua has adopted the Kantara Initiatives Consent Receipt Standard. Consentua is a leading proponent in the use and adoption of open standards.

Balanced Benefits

Business requesting the consent for personal data to be processed is in control over this request. As much as the user/citizen is in control over whether that personal data requested is actually shared.

Ongoing Consent

Users have the ability to revoke or change consent at any time. Systems requesting consent just need to be pointed to the Consentua API to check the current users status.

Reduces Cost

Reducing waste and increasing operational efficiency are one of the positive secondary benefits of Consentua. Your business will be in a position to provide a specific service quality to customers, as it will know more about those customers.

Increases Trust

Users want transparency and honesty in what will happen with their personal data. Consentua provides a vehicle for this transparency to be demonstrated for the Trust to be established.

GDPR Compliant

Consentua will help organisations with the following aspects of GDPR:

  • Article 7: Clear understandable notice
  • Article 6, 53 : Capture & log user consent
  • Article 15: Users have ability to see what data is being used
  • Article 17: Users can revoke consent

GDPR compliant for consent

Why GDPR affects you

GDPR applies to all organisations that use, store or process personal data. It enables your organisation to enjoy a better, more trustful relationship with your customers which, in turn, leads to more business.

The maximum fine for breaches of the new regulations is €20m, or 4% of global turnover. The GDPR covers all EU citizens irrespective of where their data is processed, and impacts any organisation that processes personal data.

How Consentua answers the problem

Consentua is a consent management service. It enables a more trusting relationship between the citizen and the processors of their data. Consentua uses a unique user interface that clearly articulates the equitable exchange between the processor’s use of your data and what the citizen can expect as a result.

Users can see their historic consents. Data processors can see who can access services and which interactions have been consented to. This improves customer satisfaction through greater trust between customer and provider. Consentua thus delivers two benefits - happy customers and a happy data protection officer.

How it works

Consentua is an API and a widget that drops into your existing mobile or browser app.

Your users can quickly save their preferred personal data exchange setting. Which is then stored as a consent receipt.

Actions in your app that require consent can easily get the users consent setting, which is synchronised across both the customer and the organisation using Consentua.

Every interaction a user makes with Consentua gets its historical consent interactions stored. This is great for the ICO audit!

Consentua only needs a common identifier to integrate your existing system and Consentua. This could be an email, a GUID or whatever the user is known as.

Your system admins have complete control over your Consentua service. They can add & remove users/systems, edit and change consent templates.

Consentua will solve of a key component of GDPR compliance. Easy for dev teams to install. With full control over the language of consent your brand uses.

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